The Equipment Dealer Purchasing Association, LLC (EDPA) is responsible for the development of "National Account" and "Specialized Purchasing" programs for all products and services required by its membership. EDPA programs involve a broad spectrum of demands for sales, service, finance, human resources and operations.

EDPA "Endorsed Suppliers" are carefully selected by the membership from among the highest quality and leading suppliers in their fields.

  • "Preferred Access"​ to a group of large, well-financed North American equipment dealers
  • EDPA "Endorsed Suppliers" have direct access to "Key" decision makers
  • EDPA supplier programs are implemented directly with the EDPA member dealer
  • ​EDPA members have a vested interest in participating in EDPA supplier programs
  • Increase market share and revenues 

Interested in becoming an EDPA Endorsed Supplier?

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Tel:     1-847-356-6208

Supplier Benefits

Buying Power


Member Dealers:  34​​

Locations:  350

Retail Sales:  $9 Billion

National Accounts

Strength in Numbers

​"Group Purchasing For Greater Profitability"

Increasing demands to reduce the cost of operation, enhance margins, increase sales and ultimately increase profitability are driving forces behind the "Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

The EDPA is a GPO "Of and For its Member Dealers."

EDPA Members enjoy the cost saving opportunities by utilizing the collective purchasing power of the group.  Members also benefit from group influence ensuring supplier performance.

​"Group Purchasing For Greater Profitability"