About EDPA

In 2004, the Equipment Dealer Purchasing Association, LLC "EDPA" was established by a small group of large heavy equipment dealers in an effort to purchase aftermarket parts in large quantities at lower cost. Proving that aggregating the purchasing power of the group reduced cost and strengthened business relationships between the member and supplier the group decided to expand both the membership and the supplier base. The EDPA membership now has thirty four member dealers with three hundred and fifty locations in North America. The EDPA "Endorsed Supplier" group now represents all products and services required by the member group.

National Accounts

The Equipment Dealer Purchasing Association, LLC (EDPA) is responsible for the development of "National Account" and "Specialized Purchasing" programs for all products and services required by its membership. EDPA programs involve a broad spectrum of demands for sales, service, finance, human resources and operations.
EDPA "Endorsed Suppliers" are carefully selected by the membership from among the highest quality and leading suppliers in their fields.

Buying Power


Increasing demands to reduce the cost of operation, enhance margins, increase sales and ultimately increase profitability are driving forces behind the "Group Purchasing Organization" (GPO).
The EDPA is a GPO "Of and For its Member Dealers."
EDPA Members enjoy the cost saving opportunities by utilizing the collective purchasing power of the group.  Members also benefit from group influence ensuring supplier performance.
​"Group Purchasing For Greater Profitability"

"National Account Programs leveraged by the "Group" Great cost savings through national account programs, which would not ordinarily be available to a single dealer. Between the uniforms, office supplies and Conoco oil programs we save over $100,000 a year!"


Keith Harlan - Brandeis Vice President, Product Support

"The EDPA is great and easy to work with! As an EDPA supplier, we have had the opportunity to build some wonderful relationships and our growth has been outstanding. The EDPA network is a close knit group and the referrals among members has had a positive impact on new business for us. We are a proud supplier of this organization."

Larry K Kinn - ITR America, Director of Wholesale Development

"Phillips 66 and our relationship as "Endorsed Supplier" to the EDPA group has been very beneficial in shortening the sales cycle and generating revenues. The EDPA offers direct connection to "Key" decision makers with the vested interest in using EDPA Programs. Individually even large equipment distributors would not justify "National Account Status" however; as a group they more than qualify and are an important strategic account to our company."


Joseph P Melnik - National Direct Accounts Corporate Lead